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Smart Mail Checker  v.1 1

Smart Mail Checker is an e-mail tool for Windows computers. The application can tap into your e-mail accounts and let you know when new mails are received.

Mail Checker

Mail Checker is a small, but useful program for checking mail via the POP3 and IMAP protocols. It solves two problems that usually appear when work with e-mail: 1) Checking for new messages automatically. 2) Deleting messages from the server without


Vallen POP3 Mail Checker  v.2.30

Vallen POP3 Mail Checker is a simple email checker that enables you to preview and delete messages in your POP account, without having to download them into your email program. You can use it with multiple accounts.

Ame Mail Checker  v.0.4.5

Track your images with this tool. Ame Mail Checker is a mail docklet to track unreads from remote, especially WEB-based, post services, with extended functionality to manipulate unread letters, several types of notifications,

Mail Checker for Chrome  v.1.0.3

Mail Checker is an extension for Google Chrome. Displays the number of unread messages in your Google Mail inbox. You can also click the button to open your inbox.

Mobile Mail Checker  v.1.0

Mobile Mail Checker is a mail client for portable devices: java phones/smartphones/PDAs.

Yahoo! Mail Checker

Brings Yahoo! Mail to your desktop. Automatically logs in and checks new e-mails. Like Yahoo! messenger, only this one is much better. You can choose an interval in minutes for checking new mails. And has options like, start with windows and run in system

Infomatist Business Game Mail Checker

Informatist is a free online web based business simulation game. It has a in-game mail system which easily helps players to communication with other players. This free tool notify the players if he has in-game mail or not without staying on the game

Quinsonnas Mail Checker  v.1.55

Quinsonnas Mail, a PHP4+/PEAR Web email client, retrieves mail from POP, IMAP, and NNTP server inboxes into a MySQL database.

Imap Mail Checker  v.5

Small program, which monitors email account via IMAPS (secure version of IMAP) protocol and inform user about new, unread messages.

ANT 4 MailChecking  v.

ANT 4 MailChecking is an e-mail checker that lets you know when you have new email messages. It's very easy to set up and use and even includes support for spam filtering.

Mokum Mail  v.9 3

Mokum Mail is an E-mail checker, an HTML mailing program and a WEB Browser in one. Mokum Mail gives you the ability to first download only the message headers (unlike other e-mail programs). From here you can easily delete the SPAM.

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